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One cross-platform app for managing medical data permissions

Would you share your medical data? If it contributes to a more effective healthcare system, maybe yes. But it’s not that easy. Many people are so careful with their privacy, security and autonomy, they are not able to make a well-balanced decision. And that’s exactly where Medworq sees an opportunity. Their dream: improving our healthcare system with one app for easily discovering and managing these permissions. Let’s introduce you to Zorg.nl.


What is Zorg.nl

Complex matter made accessible to everyone
Zorg.nl is an app that is all about making these permissions easily accessible for everyone. It presents a clear overview of these permissions and tells the users why and how to give them. This way, even quite complex matter is made simple, so everyone can make a well-balanced decision on it. Also the design contributes to this with its user-friendly interface – mostly essential for the less tech-savvy elderly amongst us. And because we don’t want to exclude anyone, Zorg.nl is also available in both Android and iOS. With everyone on board, Zorg.nl is ready to change our healthcare system forever.

Our approach

Staying flexible and efficient in times of change
We have to admit, it was not an easy one. Because since the regulations Zorg.nl is based on turned out to be ever-changing, so did the requirements. This needed a hyper-flexible and efficient approach. Our Sprint 0 helped with this, since we could establish a firm base of key requirements. Here we decided to use Flutter and jHipster, so we could efficiently develop for frontend, backend, iOS and Android at the same time. But when requirements started to change along the way, we stayed in very close contact with our client. We kept proposing and evaluating solutions to these new problems. And exactly this iterative-heavy made our approach so striking; over the course of 8 agile sprints our developers and designers succeeded to build a functional app, backend and dashboard from scratch. That’s flexibility and efficiency at its highest.