Meet the 1% smartest IT professionals.

Experience how outstanding IT skills will power your organisation

IT Consultancy

Software can be leveraged most effectively if it's perfectly tailored to your organisation. Our project managers ensure that development is seamlessly aligned with present and future organisational needs.

IT Development

Our developers started coding when they were 12 years old. They have over 10 years experience. We have a tremendous amount of expertise in the development of software. Not only can we help you set up a complex information system based on .NET or Java, but we can also implement projects in exceptional languages such as Go or Scala.

We ♡ The 1%

Scarce but incredibly effective. We make no exceptions in our hiring policy. We only hire the very best university-graded IT specialists with relevant hands-on expertise. Many in our team have double bachelors and are ranked in honours classes. We can provide you with direct hands-on development support, both remotely and on site.

Our frontline

They understand that your business is demanding and doesn't stop at 17.00 hours or during weekends. We're going above and beyond to deliver outstanding value.

Wessel Prins

Solution consultant

Mitchel Schouten

Solution consultant

Jenna Okhuijsen

Finance & Human resources

Edwin Hermkens

Director of operations

About the pack

Wolfpack provides software development solutions that allow your business to move forward. Over 30 talented developers have joined the pack over the past two years, and we welcome potential talents every week.

The forefront of our company has a deep understanding of both tech and business. Wolfpack serves clients ranging from small start-ups to big corporates. All clients are helped with the same down to earth approach.

We don't sell vaporware. We speak the same languages as you do and understand your need to move forward. Our strong mathematical background breaks the boundaries of programming languages. We have extensive experience in C / C++ / .NET / Java / Python / C# / PHP / Go / Scala / Ruby / Javascript / JQuery / HTML5 / iOS / Android / Xamarin.

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  •   +31 (0)40 782 0814
  •   Horsten 1 Eindhoven
  •   TU/e Innovationlab
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