We develop your IT solutions

We can help your new or current business thrive in this digital age

Platform Development

Our developers started coding when they were pups, and since, they have put their teeth in deep. Not only can we help you set up a complex information system based on trusted technology but we will implement projects using the frameworks and languages of tomorrow, today.

Artificial Intelligence

We make AI accessible. Our goal is to make your daily business more efficient and profitable. We do this by integrating cutting-edge AI solutions such that you stay ahead of your competitors.
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Mobile Development

As the developer of MedApp we have knowledge about anything app related in-house. Whether you need a web-app or a native Android or iOS application we have the experience and know-how to make it fully up to your wishes.
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Our frontline

They understand that your business is demanding and doesn't stop at five or during weekends. We're going above and beyond to deliver outstanding value.

Mitchel Schouten

Project Manager

Leanne Scheepers

Human Capital Manager

Edwin Hermkens

Managing Director

Meet the team

Get to know the other wolves

About the pack

Wolfpack provides development solutions that allow your business to move forward. Over 30 talented developers have joined the pack over the past five years, and we welcome potential talents every month.

Wolfpack excels in web and platform development while putting a heavy focus on development of our talent within the Wolfpack academy. The forefront of our company has a deep understanding of both tech and business and guides our pack towards success.

We do not only develop your software, we find the best fitting IT solution using cutting-edge technology. We speak the same languages as you do and understand your need to move forward and stay ahead. Our strong mathematical background breaks the boundaries of programming languages. We have extensive experience in platform development within our constantly evolving technology stack like Laravel, Yii2, Vue.js, React, and mobile development in Android, iOS, Flutter and Xamarin.

Contact Info

  •   TU/e Science Park
  •   De Zaale 11 (Twinning Center)
  •   5612AJ Eindhoven
  •   +31 (0)40 782 0814
Some of our work


Smart beauty advice from an AI-driven chatbot

Remote Labs

Remote Labs is a remote platform where TU/e students can take part in science classes, simply from home


Zorg.nl is a mobile app that enables you to give permission to share data between healthcare professionals

Our grey wolves: This is how we work

Sprint 0

Our wolves excel in finding the best solutions using the latest technology. These skills are leveraged optimally when we design the IT architecture for your most ambitious business plans. Our pack has developed a 'sprint 0' methodology which enables us to deliver a precise blueprint of the software to be developed, including time window and budget.

Evert Fila

One of the pack

Wolfpack Academy

We are proud to have the smartest wolves out there, and we welcome young wolves to the pack every week. Just like actual packs, we think that its best for the population to have wolves to roam into the great wild open. In 2018 we introduced the Wolfpack Academy with exactly this purpose; train and educate new talent for not only our pack.

Klaas de Boer

One of the pack