General info

Ritesim is a telecommunications company founded in 2012. The team consists of IoT (Internet of Things) specialists whose focus is to work closely with businesses who require internet connectivity for their products worldwide. They use Tier-1 networks to ensure that they provide a first-class quality product. Look at their case studies to learn more about Ritesim.
Ritesim approached us with the question of whether we could transform their old website into an innovative platform to attract more new customers. Together with the Ritesim team, we took a look at other comparable websites, among which those of competitors, to see what the current standard was and make sure we take it one step further. In the next step, our design team provided the first design, which we could use as the building blocks for the new website.
Since design and implementing functionalities go hand-in-hand when making a WordPress website, the design and web development team worked closely together on the website. We used an agile approach for developing the website, which means that there were multiple iterations which gave the customer an opportunity to customize the process by providing their feedback and opinions throughout.
Ritesim was happy with the end result, which means the following step is to host the website and monitor the performance. Furthermore, Wolfpack is currently running Ad campaigns and performing A/B tests on the website, to make the website even better suited to attract new customers.


Ritesim is a company situated in London, UK. Ritesim provides companies expertise and a personal service in connecting IoT and M2M platforms worldwide.


Web development

The WordPress platform is used to ensure the client can easily customize the website after delivery. Despite the easy content management, WordPress provides a powerful platform that also supports numerous amounts of plugins. With these plugins, features like A/B testing could easily be implemented. As an addition, we created custom  Javascript and CSS to make sure that even the smallest details are up to the customer’s satisfaction.