As our company is evolving faster than a wolf can run, we are looking for new wolves to keep up with the pace. Feel free to contact us at anytime! Wuhuuh!

Open positions

Lead Backend Developer [Java] Lead Backend Developer [PHP]
Full-time software developer Software developer intern Part-time open application

Joining Wolfpack

The use and development of computer technology is advancing at an exponential rate. We provide software development solutions to make businesses move forward in this continuously evolving environment.

The Wolfpack is located in Eindhoven on the University of Technology campus. We only recruit the top 1% most ambitious and skilled IT-talents. Potential members are university-grade IT-specialists with relevant hands-on expertise. This guarantees delivering quality and a learning experience like no other.

Pack members continuously share their strategies, experience and knowledge. This structure ensures a dynamic, highly intelligent and flexible team. We are able to code in almost any coding language and support clients in solving their most challenging IT issues, like no other company can.

A few wolves of our pack

Showing off our Wolf Sebastiaan KrijnenShowing off our Wolf Radostina KamenovaShowing off our Wolf Stefan LuijtenShowing off our Wolf Mitchel SchoutenShowing off our Wolf Radoslav KostadinovShowing off our Wolf Radina Dimcheva