General info

Eindhoven University of Technology has a lot of talented students. Stichting Wervingsdagen organizes three events to help students to get a great start in their careers. During their first event, the Skill sessions, students get the chance to learn new skills in dozens of workshops. The main event is the Career Expo, during this event about 150 companies are on the campus to meet and recruit the students. The last event are the Interviewing days. This event gives companies to get one on one contact with the best students.Wolfpack created a custom workflow management system with a website to manage the events. The system takes care of a lot of complex tasks of managing subscriptions and selecting students and companies. The board of Wervingsdagen changes every year, the modules in the system and website is sustainable but also customizable for new themes and new events.


The Wervingsdagen is founded from study associations of Eindhoven University of Technology. It is daily run by a board of students, which are selected every year. Wervingsdagen wants to help connect students with companies and help them to get a step ahead in their career, starting before their graduation. They help students to develop new skills, get in touch with their potential future employers and find their dream jobs.


WordPress Integration

For this project we needed a combination of a workflow management system and a user friendly CMS. In addition to this some information from the workflow management system needed to be made available in the public site governed by the CMS. To this end we created an integration between WordPress and Laravel. By doing this we prevent data duplication and allow data entry to be distributed to the relevant parties.