General info

For Kennemerfarma, Wolfpack worked on an online invoicing tool to create monthly invoices on patient level (e.g. a list of medication distribution information for each patient). Wolfpack’s web application, MedRol, combines three types of supplied files. The first file is a Pharmacom file which contains distribution-information on a patient level for medication in Baxter- rolls or weekly boxes. The second file is the medicine price calculation file which contains info on the type of price calculation, discounts and margins. The last file type is a Pharmacom file for separately sold medicine (since there is one file per pharmacy the system provides the possibility to supply multiple of these files). The contents of these files are combined to generate an overview for distributed medicine on a patient level per instance and department and overviews of these different instances and departments. The generated overview takes the type of price calculation, purchasing price margins, discounts and Z-Index tax into account and supports error handling in terms of missing medicine or missing values in the input files. The overview supports Kennemerfarma in their expenses claims process. MedRol has a continuous Z-Index database update to make sure medicine information is up to date.


KennemerFarma is a group of independent pharmacies and healthcare institution suppliers. The pharmacies within KennemerFarma have years of experience with medication provision, supplying of medical resources and provision of pharmaceutical services to residents of care institutions. KennemerFarma therefore presents itself as an experience expert in terms of supplying of customized care by way of Baxter medication. Their expertise in the field of supplying to care institutions is strongly bundled. With this KennemerFarma distinguishes itself in terms of knowledge and experience compared to third parties.


Pharmacom fixed width text files

The pharmacy information system Pharmacom helps pharmacists to distribute medicine and organize pharmaceutical patientcare in a smart way and makes the corresponding results comprehensible. The print outs of a Pharmacom system are fixed width text files. Fixed width text files are special cases of text files where the format is specified by column widths, pad character and left/right alignment.  Column widths are measured in units of characters. For example, if you have data in a text file where the first column always has exactly 10 characters, and the second column has exactly 5, the third has exactly 12 (and so on), this would be categorized as a fixed width text file.

As a result these outputs cannot be used for easy extractions and calculations like data in Excel file can. By using multiple smart scripts, data crucial for insights on a patient level, is retrieved, is subject to calculations and is combined in a desired output. These scripts are written in Python, a powerful, flexible, open source language that has powerful libraries for data manipulation and analysis. The Python based framework Flask is used to create the web application.