General info

Everybody wants to be healthy, but sometimes health issues leave us no choice and make medication necessary to make life bearable. However, multiple medicines and various intake moments make it rather complex. Which pill should I take, and when? Where did the patient information leaflet go? How much do I have left? Very often this complexity results in incorrect intakes.So often that only 60 percent of those on medication actually manages to stick to prescribed intake plans. This problem of medication unfaithfulness is worldwide, but costs the Dutch society alone already hundreds of millions each year. We developed MedApp to offer a helping hand to those taking medication and connect them to the health care system.MedApp is freely available and has a variety of functionalities, ranging from medication alerts to stock management and from patient information leaflets to sharing options with health care professionals. Additional modules are available for those suffering from CML and epilepsy.

By giving medication users control over their medication, we try to improve medication adherence and pharmaceutical treatments, and to reduce the many, unnecessary costs. In a very short time, MedApp has grown from scratch to a platform for tens of thousands of daily users with positives ratings for both iOS and Android.Check out the website for more information:!


MedApp was founded by Edwin and Pit who saw an opportunity to help people manage their medicine use. The company quickly grew and MedApp is now a product of Wolfpack, run by a dedicated team within the company.


App Development

MedApp is developed in the cross-platform C# framework Xamarin for both iOS and Android. This approach allows for consistency by usage of a shared codebase for Models, View models and API references. At the same time, the framework is flexible enough to ensure native system calls and a UI that adheres to platform design standards. MedApp supports a wide range of Phones, tablets with numerous iOS and Android versions. In order to ensure stability on this wide range of configurations we have a strict, Alpha, Beta, staged roll-out testing and implementation cycle.