General info

The newest Fairphone, the Fairphone 2, is planned to be shipped with support to both Android and Ubuntu Touch operating systems. For an estimated number of 100,000 attendees, the Fairphone running Ubuntu Touch was hands-on available in late February at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona.
For this hands-on availability Wolfpack assisted Smoose, the company sponsoring the Ubuntu Touch Fairphone port, with implementing part of the port.
Wolfpack has contributed to the Fairphone Ubuntu Touch port by implementing A-GPS augmentation features such that the smartphone could be demo’d with functional GPS using uNav at MWC 2017.


The Fairphone has a modular design and spare parts make it easy for anyone to repair the phone the moment a part breaks. Regular software updates keep everything running smoothly. Fairphone aims for longevity, supplying owners with a separate 5-year “repair” scenario that reflects their goals for the phone’s lifespan.

Porting the Ubuntu operating system to smartphones is a community effort from UBports. The main goal of the UBports community is to port Ubuntu to as many devices as possible, so users have a freedom of choice concerning their mobile operating system. This way users no longer have to depend on Google and Apple services. Smoose supports this goal and it’s one of the reasons why Smoose sponsors the project “Ubuntu to the Fairphone 2”.


Assisted GPS

Nowadays GPS is integrated in everyones life in the form of apps or navigation devices such as TomTom. Even though GPS is a great positioning tool, it still has multiple flaws such as using it indoors.
Assisted GPS (often abbreviated as A-GPS) is a technique that strengthens GPS signals by using additional information. An example of such additional information is  the users connection to a radio tower. The strength of the connection, can give an indication of the location of the user compared to the radio tower. Additionally, wi-fi networks are widely used to assist location pinpointing.
Combining this information to strengthen the GPS signal is known as A-GPS.