Drone Express


General info

The department of Industrial Engineering has an iPad for the TU/e Information days where they show new students some of the things they’ll encounter during their coming study. For this iPad we developed Drone Express which allows the new students to get a feel for what industrial engineering is about.
Drone Express is a game based on a 2D map of the Netherlands, on this map there are 12 cities and a drone distribution center. The drone caries 3 packets at a time and your goal is to deliver all 12 packets in groups of 3 in the most efficient way possible.
When delivering these packets you see the battery of the drone slowly draining, the goal is thus to finish the mission with as much energy left in the battery.


The Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences (IE&IS) aims to be a leading school in the area of industrial engineering and management science as well as in innovation sciences. The mission of IE&IS is closely tied to its pioneering work in developing an engineering perspective of business processes as well as its interdisciplinary research on transitions in societies in relation to technological change.



The iPad app is created using the Unity game engine. This engine allowed us together with our designs to make a good looking game with nice animations.
Code written in Unity for Drone Express is written in C#. A lot of custom animations were made for this game, these animations range from a simple color transition to the smooth movement curve of the drone.
When the game was completed it was built for the iPad using Xcode, this allows the game to be played with a touch interface on the information days of the TU/e.