General info

For over 10 years the core team behind Connect2Collect has been supplying customers in the telecom and real-estate sectors with personalized reminders for invoices combined with user friendly debt collection options to their consumers. The creditor information system Connect2Collect can send reminders in the form of e-mails, SMS or VoIP messages. These reminders can contain a unique URL linking to Connect2Collect’s payment portal or custom client iframes, both options allow easy navigation by consumers to pay their debt by simply selecting their bank and finishing the payment.

Wolfpack has helped Connect2Collect by making the software, which has been continuously extended with new functionalities over the years, more scalable for the growing number of customers and traffic. This was done by developing a complete new back-end utilizing an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), communicating with numerous external API’s, using the products delivered by RedHat’s JBoss Fuse. Additionally a new payment portal is developed with a front-end using Materialize and an API created using PHP Laravel. Onboarding new clients or adding external API’s for new communication options to the application can now be done in a matter of hours.


Connect2Collect is the innovative service provider for digital, interactive communication between you and your customers. Connect2Collect offers a very user friendly, online communication platform that gives you full control over your communications, interactions and transactions. Connect2Collect goes beyond sending text or phone messages by making sure that your customer can respond or immediately finish their transaction.


Red Hat JBoss Fuse

Red Hat JBoss Fuse is an open source integration platform based on Apache ServiceMix. It is a collection of open-source products like, among others, Apache Camel, Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Karaf, Fabric8 and Spring Boot. Red Hat bundles these products, where specific versions are supported, and guarantees a number of years of technical and legal support. For Connect2Collect’s creditor information system, Wolfpack utilized ActiveMQ for the routing of messages to specific API’s and build in fail-over routes (e.g. use a different SMS API when the one usually used is down). Since latency is typically a huge factor in the throughput of an intensively used platform, messages are send asynchronous in the new Connect2Collect back-end to increase the performance of the system dramatically.

The business logic (e.g. creation of unique payment URL hashes) and external API connections is written in Camel components. Karaf is used as a container for the platform. Meaningful insights regarding delivery status of messages are shown to clients using a newly created webportal.