General info

Every time tenants move out of a rental home or apartment an inspection occurs and any alterations that have been made to the home must be reflected in the floorplan. C-Plans helps the area officer doing the inspection to quickly make a sketch of the new situation on top of the old floorplan. After such a sketch has been made it can be submitted into the system. The workflow management takes over to automatically offer this sketch to an AutoCAD expert who ensures that the changes are reflected in the schematic. These changes can easily be accepted by the area officer. After this the workflow enters a rest state and can be kicked off again the next time changes are made to the apartment. Using C-Plans, home rental corporations can easily keep track all change requests that are made and outsource the updating of AutoCAD drawings.


Centriplan is an established partner in the field of digitising technical drawings and floorplans. They offer their service to major housing corporations such as Woonbedrijf.


Sketch tool

Plans employs a custom JavaScript sketch tool to allow for easy in browser touch controlled stamp placing on top of the original floor plan. This is done by placing fully transformable SVG stamps on the floorplan which after saving can be serialized and converted to a new PDF. To ensure performance the matrix transformations are directly implemented in the JavaScript framework.