Ritesim is a company situated in London. Ritesim provides companies expertise and a personal service in connecting IoT and M2M platforms worldwide.


Muscle Fit Boxing Equipment is a company situated in Eindhoven. As their main product they produce the Digital Boxing Trainers Assistant (DBTA). A revolutionary product used by boxing trainers to get accurate measurements of their boxers performances.


Connect2Collect supplies customers in the telecom and real-estate sector with personalized reminders for invoices combined with user friendly debt collection options to their consumers.

Drone Express

The department of Industrial Engineering has an iPad for the TU/e Information days where they show new students some of the things they’ll encounter during their coming study. For this iPad we developed Drone Express which allows the new students to get a feel for what industrial engineering is about.


Every time tenants move out of a rental home or apartment an inspection occurs and any alterations that have been made to the home must be reflected in the floorplan. C-Plans helps the area officer doing the inspection to quickly make a sketch of the new situation on top of the old floorplan.


For Kennemerfarma, Wolfpack worked on an online invoicing tool to create monthly invoices on patient level (e.g. a list of medication distribution information for each patient). Wolfpack’s web application, MedRol, combines three types of supplied files. The contents of these files are combined to generate an overview for distributed medicine on a patient level per instance and department and overviews of these different instances and departments.


MedApp is the largest app for medication and healthcare in the Netherlands and is used by thousands of people. Wolfpack develops and maintains MedApp as an in-house product, with dedicated developers. Their knowledge and enthusiasm translates throughout Wolfpack and is indicative for how we operate.