Vacancy: Software developer intern

Location: Eindhoven (campus of Eindhoven University of Technology)
Hours per week: Internship

What you tell your friends you do

“My work offers a great deal of variety. I started out working on a project for a boxing training machine. This machine measures how fast a boxer reacts and how much force is behind the hit. With my fellow wolves, we made the software that was used to measure, record and analyse data. In the office it even turned into a competition to pin someone’s picture to the machine when he/she made the biggest mistake of the week.”

The Wolfpack

Working at Wolfpack means becoming part of a team with over forty talented developers who all share the same computer science interest as you. You will work closely together with Wolfpack’s project managers and your fellow project wolves. Our three core pillars are talent, performance and flexibility. We recruit IT talent early in their careers and give them the opportunity to develop, not only (in) software, but also in soft skills: both professionally and on a more personal level.

What we look for in a new wolf:

  • You translate concepts and ideas into explicit software-based solutions
  • You collaborate closely with other developers and project managers
  • You can speak more than one computer language, e.g. PHP, Java, and C#
  • Develop, develop, develop!

More skills of a wolf:

  • You are always eager for new skills and experiences to sink your teeth in to
  • You have a strong sense of responsibility
  • You are open, convincing and clear in your communication
  • You are not intimidated by challenging deadlines
  • You work well in teams but are also a strong wolf alone
  • You enjoy implementing improvements
  • Drive and enthusiasm over experience

The perks of completing an internship at Wolfpack:

  • Internship-based compensation
  • Young colleagues who have the same computer science knowledge and passion as you
  • Work location on the campus of Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Flexible working hours with interesting projects

Join the pack!

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